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Family Tree / Geneology

Sat, 07 Sep 2019 13:40:43 GMT

I quite like AT and find it very useful. The one function I'd really like it to have would be the ability to easily and intuitively create a (or many) family trees. I understand this might be a large undertaking, I don't see it anywhere on the blog posts that indicate the pseudo-roadmap of the software. If it's too much to try to implement a family tree maker into the software itself, maybe consider the idea of reaching out to various genealogy companies to find one to partner with that might allow something like the synching with Scrivener/Ulysses, or even just the importation of a custom calendar? From my own shopping around, I've found that none of the current family tree makers seem to really cater to creating a fictional tree in any way shape or form, and using any of them in this way is essentially a workaround. It seems like, with the growing emphasis on world-building and the popping up of sites like World Anvil and Legend Keeper, there is an untapped market of people interested in creating a deep knowledge base about a fictional world, this often includes important family trees and would perforce include a timeline. Seems like there is an untapped market there and the potential to make AT a possible adjunct product, not just for world-creators but also if you could sell to people doing real-world genealogy research and studies, especially if they wanted to do things like chart family events separate from life/death events. Frankly, the market of people who buy and use family tree type software is probably far in excess of Scrivener + Ulysees.

Mon, 09 Sep 2019 07:42:29 GMT

Hi, Thanks for your suggestion. We have had this requested before from other users, so it is on our list of possible features to look at including in the future. Our next version will include functionality that will potentially help with the ability to visualise a family tree, however it would not be a dedicated family tree creator. Jess

Tue, 21 Apr 2020 02:00:40 GMT

I have to second this request for a family tree creator. I write stories with sprawling character sets — and build out entire families as I try to get ages and time spans right (since it takes more time to have eight kids than it does to have one). So I end up with 100+ entities… but only end up writing about a fraction of them. Having a family tree manager would alleviate the pressure I'm putting on the interface, assuming it allows me to "pull" people from the family tree(s) into the entities window. Speaking of next version… any news on an ETA? :-)

Thu, 14 May 2020 01:24:38 GMT

I third it. Importing identities, dates, places from a GED would do for a start. Syncing with MacFamilyTree would be elegant.