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Wuthering Heights Example Timeline Available For Download?

Thu, 28 May 2020 14:00:07 GMT

Hi, The videos I've seen all use Wuthering Heights as the example. Is there any way to get a .aeonzip file for Wuthering Heights, or another popular work of fiction? Hoping that, as Wuthering Heights was published in 1847 that the copyright issues will be moot. Moreover, though, was the videos were QUTE clear. And, the arc of WH seems really long so that put lots of the features into stark relief for me. Fingers crossed! ) Many thanks, Flin

Fri, 29 May 2020 07:50:10 GMT

Hi Flin, We don't have the Wuthering Heights timeline available to download at the moment, however we do have Murder on the Orient Express as an example timeline in the program (you can access these from the Examples tab on the Welcome Screen) Jess

Fri, 29 May 2020 08:45:00 GMT

Hi Jess, Ah! When I read that I felt sad. Are there any other long-arc works of fiction that are available? User groups where people share .aeonzips? Here's my thinking: Seems like the story of MotOE is's a bit more of a minute to minute series of clanging events where things are all sort of ambiguous...until the big reveal at the end. The nice thing about WH is that there's lots of folks with *direct relationships to each other.* At least for figuring out the software it makes the incline of the learning curve a lot less steep when the relationships are all clear. Rather than needing to recall the many POSSIBLE relationships between the seemingly countless *suspects* of MotOE: "One of the male passengers rings the conductors bell from Mr. Ratchett's apartment and answers in French." When I read that I felt only...confused. As opposed to: Heathcliff and Catherine visit Thrushcross Grange Catherine bitten by a dog and remains behind. What could be clearer than that? Also, I used the videos to form most of my ideas for how to implement the MANY features of Aeon. Now I am starting at page one of the manual and trying to reverse engineer the features to MotOE's storyline. Nothing wrong with starting on page one of the manual! But, it makes the time I spent watching the videos largely moot. I suppose I could watch the movie of MotOE. But, I'm using the software for a business project. And, I needed to hit the ground running. Also, I sold the purchase to my boss - and I am WAY junior! - on the basis of "Look what it can do!" Without the WH example I understand a lot LESS of what it can do. I presumed that WH would come included as an example. Presumptive reasoning is always risky, and that's my fault. At the same time, strongly encourage you to make WH, or some other form of long-arc fiction available. And, to match that example to the videos. Sincerely, Flin