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Choosing the relationship between an entity and an event

Fri, 29 May 2020 10:07:26 GMT

Hi, Page 21 of the manual says When you click on an intersection, a dropdown menu will allow you to choose which Role you want the Entity to perform for the given Event. Available roles, and the icons used for those roles, are configured via Timeline Settings. Using the Murder on the Orient Express example when I click on the intersection between Entity and Event I see ONLY the choices for Story None The illustration in the Manual suggests I should see None Participant Witness When I go to the Timeline view and click on the Inspector for an Event I *AM* offered Participant and Witness options there. The instructions "... a dropdown menu will allow you to choose which Role you want the Entity to perform..." seem to be contradictory from my results. What do you think is happening? Sincerely, Flin

Mon, 01 Jun 2020 01:36:52 GMT

Hi Flin, The reason you are only seeing the choices "Story" and "None" is because you are looking at the entities that are of the "Story". Relationship view divides its entities into groupings based on type. If you look at the top where all the entities are listed in Relationship View, you will see "Story" written next to them. This indicates that they are "Story" types (these don't have Participants or Witnesses, you can only choose if the event is part of a certain story or not). If you look at the picture in the manual, then you will see it says "Person" next to the group, and then it lists of the people entities (eg. Hercule Poirot). These are allowed to be "Participants" and "Witnesses" to events. If you wish to see this part of the view, then scroll horizontally further and you will see the same image as in the manual. I hope this helps. Jess

Mon, 01 Jun 2020 05:22:35 GMT

Hi Jess, Ah! Yep, yep, Got it. Thanks! :) :) : ) Sincerely, Flin